Updated on August 29, 2018

Disaster Assistance

Sony provides humanitarian aid in response to large-scale disasters and emergency crises around the world, taking into account the degree of urgency and its relationship with the region.

Emergency Disaster and Recovery Fund for Children

In October 2016, Sony Corporation, in partnership with the NGO Save the Children Japan, co-established an emergency disaster and recovery fund which will provide immediate support upon the sudden onset of natural disasters or humanitarian crises as well as medium- to long-term recovery support to children across the world. The fund aims to ensure immediate humanitarian aid to children, particularly in the areas where support is scarce despite the magnitude of disaster.

Supporting the reinforcement of countermeasures in case of emergencies

In 2013, Save the Children made a manual specifically for children called "Psychological First Aid for Children" (PFA for children), based on the Psychological First Aid manuals issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), etc. “PFA for Children” is designed to reduce the initial distress of children who have recently been exposed to a traumatic event, by following their stage of cognitive development. Since 2014, Sony has been supporting Save the Children’s training programs and pubic awareness activities as usual aiming that “PFA for children” can be utilized by anyone in case of disaster occurrences to provide a safe and secure environment for children. Save the Children conducted the training session for 58 times in 2017, with a total of 4,361 participants from 2014 July to the end of 2017.

Northern Kyushu Heavy Rains (July 2017)

The Emergency Disaster and Recovery Fund for Children disbursed 2 million yen for Save the Children’s emergency relief to assist children affected by heavy rains in northern Kyushu. The funds were used to replace damaged air-conditioning equipment and mats at after-school daycare facilities used by children during the summer.

2017 Central Mexico Earthquake

The Emergency Disaster and Recovery Fund for Children disbursed 5 million yen to assist children affected by the 2017 Central Mexico earthquake. Additionally, Sony Group companies in Mexico donated 2.5 million Mexican pesos (about 15 million yen), for a total of approximately 20 million yen from Sony group companies.*1 The funding was used to operate Child Friendly Spaces, help rebuild homes, and enable volunteers trained by Save the Children to help children by applying the Psychological First Aid for Children manual.

  • *1Total amount donated as of June 2018
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