Updated on August 29, 2018

Volunteer Systems for Employees

Employee Participation in Social Contribution Initiatives

Sony uses a three-step approach to engage its employees in social contribution initiatives: raising awareness of social issues, encouraging volunteering, and leveraging job skills.

Employee volunteer promotion program: "SOMEONE NEEDS YOU"

Sony has a global in-house volunteer program known as "SOMEONE NEEDS YOU" (the name developed using the letters S, O, N and Y), the aim of which is to encourage employee involvement in efforts to help local communities. Under this program, Sony Group companies create volunteer programs tailored to local needs and encourage continued employee participation in the community. In fiscal 2017, a total of 70,000 Sony Group employees*1 participated in volunteer initiatives.

  • *1Cumulative participants in fundraising initiatives, blood drives and other activities.

Leave for volunteer purposes

To support employee participation in volunteer activity initiatives, Sony Corporation has an employee volunteer support system, making it easier for employees to participate in volunteer activities by allowing them to use accumulated holidays for initiatives requiring extended leaves of absence.

Charitable donation systems for employees

Sony has put several systems in place for encouraging employees to donate money for emergency relief and other worthy causes, including matching gift programs. Employees can donate money by bank transfer or by using electronic money with Sony's Felica™ contactless IC card system.

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