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Policy, Framework and Main Scope of Community Engagement

Vision of Sony's Founder

In Sony's Founding Prospectus, co-founder Masaru Ibuka set "the promotion of education in science among the general public" as a primary goal. He was convinced that enhancing scientific literacy would be critical for the recovery of post-war Japan and that science education for children was the key. In 1959, 13 years after Sony's establishment, he set up the Sony Fund for the Promotion of Science Education to support elementary schools in the pursuit of science education excellence.

Masaru Ibuka
Research presentation by schools assisted
under the Sony Fund for the Promotion of Science Education

Policy of Community Engagement

The philosophy of "For the Next Generation" goes all the way back to the vision of Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka, and it still guides Sony's community engagement everywhere Sony does business. Sony makes the most of the products, technologies, services, and innovations of the Sony Group, as well as the strengths of Sony Group employees and its partnerships with stakeholders, to engage with communities. Sony's main efforts to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focus on goals: 4, "Quality education," 5, "Gender equality," 9, "Industry, innovation and infrastructure," and 17, "Partnerships for the goals." Sony is helping to address diverse global issues in many ways: using the power of entertainment, employing technology to solve social issues, supporting education in fields such as science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) in various countries and regions with the Sony Science Program, and providing emergency relief and assistance in large-scale disasters.

Framework for Community Engagement

Sony's global projects are spearheaded by its headquarters in Tokyo. In addition, Sony Group companies worldwide, along with five foundations and two museums, are involved in initiatives tailored to local needs. All of these efforts are guided by the Sony Group's community engagement policy, and often include cooperation with international organizations including NGOs. Employees are also encouraged to play an active role in their communities by participating in volunteer and fundraising, and other programs.

Sony Museums and Foundations

Sony organizes exhibitions of various kinds, including exhibitions at educational museums that are designed to stimulate interest in media, science, technology and entertainment.

Sony Museums

Sony ExploraScience (Tokyo and Beijing)

In these Sony science museums, visitors can actually see, touch and enjoy the principles and laws of science in action as they experience the progress and fascination of digital technology.

Sony Foundations

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