Updated on August 29, 2019

Operating with Integrity

Sony is firmly committed to conducting business in a fair, ethical and legal manner. Sony's commitment to ethical business conduct means competing fairly; avoiding corruption in any form; complying with applicable laws, including antitrust, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, economic sanctions, trade control, tax and financial crimes laws; and taking all reasonable measures to prevent illegal/sanctionable transactions.

Integrity of Sony’s Business Partners / Economic Sanctions and Trade Control Laws / Anti-Social Forces

Sony adopted group wide policies related to anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, economic sanctions compliance, and trade laws and customs law compliance. Sony performs risk-based due diligence procedures on its business partners (such as customers, joint venture partners, acquisition targets and other third parties) to verify the identity of its business partners and help ensure that Sony is only doing business with reputable business partners. This screening protects Sony Group companies from being involved in transactions involving the proceeds of criminal conduct and/or with entities or individuals who are blacklisted under economic sanctions and/or trade control laws. Sony also trains its business people on relevant "red flags" to ensure ongoing monitoring to detect and prevent any illegal conduct by third parties with whom it does business and to ensure that Sony only does business with reputable third parties. These policies and procedures also ensure that Sony does not do business with members of organized crime and other anti-social forces. Sony strongly opposes anti-social forces that threaten to disrupt the order and safety of the community. Sony will not have relationships with members of anti-social forces and will not give economic benefits to, or accept illegal demands from them.

Antitrust and Competition Law Compliance

Sony wants to outperform the competition based on the merits of Sony’s products and services, not because of unfair business practices. Sony complies with antitrust and competition laws and does its part to promote a fair, competitive marketplace. Sony has implemented the Sony Group Policy on Antitrust/Competition Law Compliance, which explains the purposes of competition laws and guides employees on compliance with such laws. Sony has also developed robust, customized training courses to raise awareness regarding competition laws and to reinforce the policy requirements. In addition, Sony legal personnel monitor changes and developments in competition laws and maintain up-to-date controls, policies and procedures for compliance with these laws.

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