Updated on August 23, 2017

Ethics and Compliance Communication and Training

Sony established a Compliance Education Protocol that sets forth minimum mandatory global communications and training requirements to help support ethical decision making and compliance with laws.

In accordance with this protocol, Sony Group personnel are required to complete comprehensive training at specified interval on the Sony Group Code of Conduct and on key risks including antitrust/fair competition laws, anti-bribery, and prevention of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Booklets, wallet cards, posters, online training and in-person training (modified for local laws and/or culture), are also used to raise awareness of the Sony Group Code of Conduct, key risks and the Hotline. In addition, legal/compliance personnel provide guidance and in-person training on key local risks that include real-life examples. Sony continually strives to adapt and improve its ethics and compliance training and communications in light of evolving risks and changes in the business environment and the business.

Sony Corporation's CEO and other members of its senior management also remind employees of the importance of ethical conduct and the need to report ethical concerns through ongoing communications. Through these varied communication and training efforts, Sony continues to promote an understanding of the importance of its core values and ethical business conduct as set forth in the Sony Group Code of Conduct.

In addition, Sony Group executives and senior management are required to submit an annual certification acknowledging the need to comply with applicable laws, regulations and internal policies (including the Code of Conduct) and the need, in their roles as managers, to communicate the importance of acting ethically and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and internal policies.

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