Updated on August 23, 2017

Conducting Business with Integrity and Fairness

Sony Group Antitrust/Competition Law Compliance Program

Antitrust and fair competition laws ("Antitrust Laws") are the foundation upon which a free and competitive market system is built. By guaranteeing free competition in markets, Antitrust Laws enable companies that provide superior products and services on the best terms ultimately to achieve success. Strict compliance with applicable Antitrust Laws is essential, and every individual officer and employee at the Sony Group is required to observe all applicable Antitrust Laws in the course of his or her business activity. Sony has adopted the Sony Group Global Policy on Antitrust/Competition Law Compliance to help assure compliance with these laws. This Policy provides personnel with a broad overview of Antitrust Laws as well as guidance for compliance.

In December 2016, Sony reached a settlement with the European Commission following an EU antitrust investigation of competition in the secondary batteries market. The settlement covers the period from February 2004 through October 2007. Sony agreed to pay a fine of approximately EUR 29.8 million in connection with the settlement. Sony is committed to compliance with all applicable competition rules, including EU antitrust rules.

Sony Group Anti-Bribery Program

Sony does not tolerate corrupt behavior under any circumstances. The company has adopted the Sony Group Anti-Bribery Policy, which builds on the anti-bribery and accurate record-keeping requirements in the our Code of Conduct, to help ensure that Sony Group personnel do not violate, or appear to violate, any applicable anti-corruption laws or regulations. This Policy reflects Sony's strong commitment to business ethics and, in particular, establishes procedures that must be followed to help ensure integrity in our dealings with government officials.

Basic Approach and Systems to Exclude Anti-Social Forces

Sony strongly opposes organized crime and other anti-social forces that threaten to disrupt the order and safety of our community. We will not have relationships with members of organized crime and/or other anti-social forces, and we will not give economic benefits to or accept illegal demands from them.
We provide "know your customer" screening policies, procedures and training, to help ensure that we do not do business with inappropriate individuals or entities. These policies and screening procedures help assure that we do not do business with members of anti-social forces.

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