Ethics and Compliance

Management Approach

Our Approach

Sony has a strong and well-established commitment to ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Senior management sets the core values for the company, the expectations for ethical business conduct, and leads by example. The Sony Group Code of Conduct anchors our ethics and compliance program. Our Code sets out our standards for ethical conduct, our core values and our basic policies on important topics such as compliance with laws and regulations, fair competition in business dealings, anti-corruption, protection of confidential information and intellectual property, respect for human rights, safety of products and services, environmental conservation, and information disclosure.

Sony Group Ethics and Compliance Network

Sony has established a Global Compliance Network comprised of ethics and compliance personnel embedded in the local business units around the world who are accountable for risk-specific compliance while also implementing enterprise-wide compliance initiatives. These personnel implement Sony`s commitment to ethics and compliance through a mix of messaging, policies, training and monitoring. Ethics and compliance functions work collaboratively with other functions to ensure more visibility for major risks and, by extension, their own activities.
Sony has many resources and reporting channels available to its personnel to ask ethics questions or raise concerns without fear of retaliation, including the Sony Ethics & Compliance Hotline. The Hotline operates independently of ordinary internal reporting structures. Reports to the Hotline are administered by an independent third party with specially trained operators.

Looking to the Future

We continue to promote our corporate culture to help ensure that our personnel conduct our business activities ethically. Senior management will continue to allocate resources and set priorities to promote our compliance activities and will continue to send clear messages of the importance of business ethics and compliance. We will continue to enhance our group-wide compliance activities, including additional training to management on the importance of ethical business conduct and the proper way to handle employee reports of misconduct. We will also continue to promote awareness of the Sony Ethics & Compliance Hotline and continue to promote and enforce our policy against retaliation.

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