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CSR Organizational Structure

CSR Organizational Structure

Sony's organizational structure for CSR implementation is spearheaded by the CSR Section at Sony Corporation headquarters, which is overseen by the executive officer in charge of CSR. The CSR Section plans and sets objectives for CSR-related initiatives, makes these initiatives known throughout the Sony Group, and provides relevant information to the public.

It also discloses CSR-related information to the public, promotes dialogue with stakeholders, reports on various external inputs to the CSR officer, and works to ensure that these external inputs reach pertinent managers and relevant departments at headquarters (including those in charge of legal affairs and compliance, the environment, product quality, procurement, investor relations, human resources, and marketing) and are incorporated into management's actions. The CSR Section and other relevant headquarters departments then implement CSR activities throughout the Group by ensuring Sony's policies and initiatives are conveyed to Group companies around the world.

Raising Awareness

Recognizing the importance of raising employee awareness with regard to the effective promotion of CSR, Sony offers a variety of educational programs based on a three-level approach, whereby employees are encouraged first to learn about CSR, second to participate in CSR activities, and third to incorporate CSR into their day-to-day work.


Sony and some of its group companies offer e-learning training programs for all employees focused on instilling know-how and introducing Sony's CSR program as well as enhancing general understanding of CSR.

CSR Update (Newsletter)

Sony publishes CSR Update, a monthly newsletter for Sony Group employees detailing Sony's principal CSR initiatives and reporting on related awards received from third parties and CSR trends.

CSR Forum

Held after hours and completely voluntary, the CSR Forum provides Sony Group employees in Japan with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of CSR. This event features lectures by invited experts, film screenings, workshops where employees can develop new ideas, and other activities, and addresses a variety of themes, including emergency relief, the environment, human rights, poverty, international understanding, employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, work-life balance and diversity, base-of-the-pyramid (BOP) businesses and social innovation. Employees of Sony Group companies were able to view the proceedings via streamed video or other media, substantially boosting participation in the event.

Employee Participation

Sony believes that employee participation is crucial to ensuring its community engagement activities are truly meaningful. Accordingly, Sony encourages employees to be aware of diverse social issues, strive constantly to deepen their understanding, and then participate in fundraising initiatives and other activities. Sony also encourages employees to act as instructors for workshops organized for children and students and in other capacities that capitalize on their specialized skills.

Volunteer systems for employees

  • Leave for volunteer purposes
  • "SOMEONE NEEDS YOU" (employee volunteer program)

Volunteer initiatives

Fundraising and donation programs

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