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Training and Development : To address leading-edge technology development and offer exciting new lifestyles, Sony recruits talented individuals from various backgrounds. Sony also strives to create positive working environments and opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion'Diversity'refers to a variety of characteristics that encompass race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs, disabilities, gender, age, birthplace, sexual orientation, viewpoints and work style, and activities that foster an inclusive workplace. Sony promotes diversity across the Sony Group as a key management strategy by ensuring an inclusive work environment and by recruiting, hiring, training and promoting employees from diverse backgrounds.


Having a deep regard for diverse experiences and values and recognizing the importance of originality, Sony has long sought to secure a wide range of employees both from Japan and overseas. Sony is implementing a variety of cross-border and cross-business initiatives aimed at bringing the capabilities of such employees into full play, irrespective of nationality, culture, race, gender, or the presence or absence of physical limitations.

Training and Development

Sony offers on-the-job learning, as well as variety of programs designed to enhance individual abilities and develop specialized skills that are tailored to local needs.

Social contribution activities with employees

Sony believes that employee participation is crucial to ensuring its social contribution activities are truly meaningful. Accordingly, Sony encourages employees to be aware of social issues, strive constantly to deepen their understanding and then to participate in fundraising initiatives, community projects and/or other activities. Employees with a particular expertise or specialization are encouraged, for example, to lead workshops for local students and children, underscoring Sony's desire to promote multi-level engagement.

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