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Responsible Supply Chain Sony is committed to fulfilling its responsibility to society as a corporate citizen, including managing its supply chain in a responsible manner.

Supply Chain Management

Sony approaches CSR in procurement from two perspectives. One relates to materials procurement procedures and involves creating and maintaining sound business partnerships with suppliers, regarded as Sony's stakeholders, in line not only with relevant laws and regulations but also with internal policies. The other relates to production processes and involves providing the necessary support to realize CSR from such standpoints as the environment, human rights and labor conditions.

Addressing Issues related to the Environment, Labor, Human Rights and Conflicts in the Procurement of Raw Materials

Stakeholders are displaying increasing concern regarding such issues as biodiversity and violations of human rights related to, among others the extraction of rare metals essential in the manufacture of electronics products.
Sony engages in taking steps to these issues including working together with industry associations' initiatives.

Initiatives on Paper Procurements

Sony recognizes that paper resources are limited. Sony takes environmental conservation into consideration especially purchasing paper materials to reduce the amount of office paper used at sites and limit the number of pages in its product manuals by adhering to the Sony's policy on purchasing policy.
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