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Publication of CSR Report 2010 (Overview of CSR activities for FY 2009)

November,26 2010

Sony has issued CSR Report 2010, which is the Sony Group's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities report for FY 2009.

We have issued two types of our CSR Report 2010: Executive Summary and Full Edition.

The Executive Summary is an abridged version of the report in printed form which highlights Sony's key CSR activities. The hard copies are available upon requests and PDF file can be downloaded from Sony's CSR website.

The Full Edition comprehensively discloses Sony's CSR activities related to Sony's business activities and items of great interest to stakeholders. Sony's CSR website, which is considered the Full Edition, can be viewed in the HTML format. In addition, we have also posted the website content as PDF data for printing.

CSR Report 2010 Executive Summary

CSR Report 2010 Executive Summary

CSR Report 2010 Full Edition

CSR Report 2010 Full Edition

▼View the CSR website (Full CSR Report 2010)
[Japanese] www.sony.co.jp/csr
[English] www.sony.net/csr

▼View the PDF data of the CSR Report 2010 Executive Summary
[Japanese] www.sony.co.jp/SonyInfo/csr_report/issues/report/2010/
[English] www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr_report/issues/report/2010/
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