Sony publishes Social & Environmental Report 2002

June 12, 2002

Sony Corporation has published its Social & Environmental Report 2002, which covers the entire range of the Sony Group's social and environmental activities during fiscal 2001 ending in March 2002. (*1)
Sony published its first environmental report in 1994 and decided to produce the report annually last year. The 2002 publication provides the first full-year progress report on Sony's target to double eco-efficiency between fiscal 2000 and 2010. This ambitious target was set in the Sony Environmental Vision, the Sony Group's basic global environmental policy formulated in October 2000.
In response to growing concern in recent years about corporate social responsibility and accountability, the 2002 report extends its content, as its title suggests, to include Sony's activities in relation to various stakeholders. Under the theme of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, the report presents the company's customer, shareholder, and community relations, compliance and personnel policies, and other such corporate information. It also focuses on Sony's environmental conservation activities, covering their progress and giving performance reports.
As with the previous environmental report, the Social & Environmental Report 2002 has been verified by an independent auditor, who inspected 13 domestic and overseas sites as part of the verification process in order to ensure the reliability of data identification, collection, and reporting procedures used in preparing the report. In the 2002 report verification, particular emphasis was placed on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of greenhouse gas emission reporting. The latest report also provides the definitions of environmental performance data, data sources, and verification status. The reporting of greenhouse gas emissions was based on the GHG protocol. (*2)
The Sony Social & Environmental Report 2002 is available, on request, to the public either in a printed version or on CD-ROM. The report can also be viewed on Sony's website ( together with additional data and site-based environmental reports (site reports). Sony will continue to promote environmental activities to help realize a sustainable society.

  • *1The Social & Environmental Report 2002 covers social and environmental activities by Sony Corporation and its group companies worldwide (consolidated companies in which Sony Corp. has a stake of more than 50% and joint ventures in which Sony Corp. has a stake of more than 50%), encompassing the Sony Group's main business sectors including electronics, game, music, pictures, and financial services.
  • *2The GHG protocol is an international standard proposed by the World Resource Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and is designed to provide companies with a standard format for reporting greenhouse gas emissions.
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