Sony strengthens its environmental management

October 09, 2001

Sony Corporation today announced additional new measures in order to strengthen its environmental management policy.

In order to balance economy and ecology, Sony has made serious efforts to create a business structure that strengthens environmental management. In October 2000 Sony published its [Environmental Vision] as the foundation of its global environmental management policy for all Sony group companies, and in March 2001 it announced its mid-term action plan [Green Management 2005].
Sony has now decided to add new measures to strengthen environmental management.

To accelerate these activities, Sony added "Environmental Activities" to its network company's evaluation scheme, starting fiscal year 2000.This is the first step towards expanding the scope of environmental management to the whole Sony group of companies, Sony also added "Environmental Activities" to the evaluation scheme for its representative subsidiaries, such as Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Sony Music Entertainment (SME) starting fiscal year 2001. By utilizing this evaluation scheme more aggressively, Sony will push for continuous improvement in its consolidated subsidiaries' environmental performances.

Furthermore, Sony periodically discloses its environmental performances. This data includes the latest information on energy consumption, water consumption and waste which indicate the environmental performance of Sony's key businesses facilities throughout the world. Through timely global disclosure of this data, Sony aims to improve communication on environmental issues.

In addition to these activities that aim to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, Sony has also revised its "Guideline for Environmental Risk Management" in order to strengthen its risk management strategy in relation to environmental issues.

The items that have been revised are;

  • (1)Incorporation of the best environmental practices from throughout the world into our environmental management policy.
  • (2)Strengthened the management system for facilities and equipment.
  • (3)Worked closely with external experts and incorporated their ideas.

By taking these additional steps, Sony aims to strengthen the fundamentals of its environmental management, and therefore enhance corporate value.

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