Sony issues Environmental Report 2001

June 14, 2001

Sony Publishes Environmental Report 2001
Environmental impact determined throughout the product life cycle

Sony has published its Environmental Report 2001, which covers the whole range of the Sony group's environmental activities. This Report includes Sony Corporation and group companies worldwide (defined as consolidated companies in which Sony Corp. has a stake of over 50%, or joint ventures in which Sony Corp. has a stake of over 50%). This means that the Report extends to all the major Sony business sectors of Electronics, Game, Music, Pictures and Financial Services.
In fiscal year 2000 Sony announced its Environmental Vision, setting its target of "double eco-efficiency" by fiscal year 2010.The data for FY 2000 is therefore very important.In addition, this report contains a progress review and details about Green Management 2005, which sets middle term targets for the Sony group's environmental activities.The report has been presented in the most readable and transparent terms for stakeholders to understand.
For this report, we widen the definition of environmental impact from the direct or indirect impact which results from Sony's world wide production and service activities.The definition now includes the energy used by the product after sale to customers as well as waste products created.This broad definition thus covers the entire resource impact over the life cycle of the product.We have recorded and measured both the environmental impact and the costs and results of environmental impact-reducing activities.These are then disclosed as environmental accounting which includes CO2 emissions, resource consumption, environmental conservation costs, and effective monetary amount.Although a universal environmental accounting standard has yet to be developed, we have set our own standard based on economic and ecological considerations.
To ensure fairness, and to avoid any bias in the reporting of information, this Report has been verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the independent accountant which audits Sony's consolidated financial accounts.PricewaterhouseCoopers inspected 12 Sony facilities, including overseas locations.
They closely examined the processes by which Sony specified major environmental impacts, how Sony defined the range of important environmental information disclosed in the report, as well as how Sony gathered relevant materials for this report and how they were reported to headquarters.
External audit is obligatory for annual reports which disclose financial results, but it is not yet common for environmental reports.There are very few precedents of an external audit being applied in such detail on a global and consolidated base.We feel this is one of the distinguishing features of our Report.
The Environmental Report will be distributed upon request, and it can be seen on the web.

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