Guidelines for Disclosing Information Concerning Sony Green Products

December 13, 2000

Sony has formulated guidelines to define "Sony Green Products" and set forth standards for disclosing information about specific environmental considerations incorporated into a particular product through product catalogs, packaging, etc.

The guidelines concerning "Sony Green Products" produced and marketed by Sony Corporation and Sony Group companies are as follows:

  1. What is a Sony Green Product?
    Clear definition of what a Sony Green Product is
  2. Benchmarking Guidelines for benchmarking
    our products in comparison with competitors' products in order to achieve the highest level of environmental compatibility in the industry, as well as to improve existing products
  3. Disclosure of information about a product's environmental compatibility Standards and methods of information disclosure
  4. Product assessment
    Standards for assessing products

With regard to information disclosure, the "Eco info" mark below will be used to inform the public of specific environmental considerations that have gone into designing and manufacturing a product.

(Examples to show how the "Eco info" mark is used)

The "Eco info" mark may be used in product catalogs, manuals and advertisements as well as on packaging and labels attached to products. Information detailing specific environmental considerations Sony has applied in designing and producing a product will be described at the right of the mark.

Sony has executed the Greenplus Project since 1994 as a company-wide project to promote environmentally conscious products. With increasing awareness of green products among consumers as the 21st century begins, this Greenplus Project has been expanded to include standards for information disclosure. By adopting the "Eco info" mark, Sony aims to provide the public with detailed information about environmental considerations the company has made in designing and manufacturing its products.

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