Environmental action from
four environmental perspectives

Sony business operations rely on a healthy natural environment. To help promote fulfilling lifestyles today and tomorrow, and achieve a zero environmental footprint by the year 2050, we have set goals from four environmental perspectives: curbing climate change, conserving resources, controlling chemical substances and promoting biodiversity.

Climate Change

Toward zero-emission products

Sony reduces greenhouse gas emissions not only at plants and offices but also throughout product life cycles - in raw materials and components procurement, manufacturing, logistics, product use, and take-back and recycling. Environmentally conscious products and services we develop are complemented by far-reaching workplace efforts to save energy and switch to renewable energy. To broaden our approach in greenhouse gases reduction, we also engage our external manufacturing contractors to curb emissions.


Eliminating use of virgin materials

We minimize the resource inputs and maximize the use of recycled materials through our business activities and product life cycle. With regard to inputting resources, we make products more lightweight and improve the resource efficiency in our plants and offices. Recycling is promoted throughout product life cycles. Products are designed for recycling and made with maximum recycled content. In collaboration with recyclers, we promote recycling of end-of-life products around the world to a form in which it can be used as a resource again.

Chemical Substances

Careful management, beginning with raw materials

To prevent environmental pollution, regulatory compliance is just the start. We have established our own standards for chemical substance management, which help maintain strict control over chemicals in raw materials and components worldwide. We continue to take the initiative by phasing out and replacing substances that may pose environmental risks. We ask that the substances Sony specified are not used in manufacturing processes, which also reduces our overall environmental footprint.


Respecting the natural environment

Natural resources are essential to Sony business activities, and we are aware that our operations may affect the natural environment in various ways. We strive to continue protecting biodiversity (maintaining balanced ecosystems) through Sony's business and conservation activities.