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Sony Science Program
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Activities Under the Sony Science Program
Museum Sony's hands-on science museums consist of Sony ExploraScience in Tokyo and Beijing.

Sony ExploraScience (Tokyo)
Permanent Exhibition
The exhibits convey the linkage between the scientific principles and the latest technologies that is applied in electronic products and entertainment systems in the spheres of games, music and pictures as a grand saga beginning with light and sound cognition till reproduction.
Special Exhibitions
The museum periodically holds original exhibits
for hands-on, enjoyable experience of the latest advances in science.
Sony engineers and staff lead workshops
in which children will have fun learning about scientific principles and technologies through creating their own electrical devices.
Scientific Experiment Shows (with visitor participation)
The museum holds mini-experiment shows with true-or-false quizzes and other experiment- centered shows featuring the appearance of cartoon characters with expert knowledge in
fields of science, technology, such as mathematics, light, sound, and atmospheric pressure.
For more details, please visit the Sony ExploraScience (Tokyo)website.

Sony ExploraScience (Beijing)
Special exhibition
Special exhibition is one feature of Sony ExploraScience. Since 2000, Sony ExploraScience has launched nearly 100 programs featuring light, sound, and environmental protection. For each program, Sony ExploraScience has provided a complete plan to popularize scientific knowledge through various methods; such as boards, exhibits, popular science games, lectures, quiz contests, extended outdoor programs, etc.
Sony ExploraScience enables visitors to experience innovative exhibits that feature interactive and latest technology. Through these exhibits, visitors learn about the scientific principles with light and sound while enjoying the magic and delight brought by Sony’s leading digital technology.
Dramas of science experiments
As an original and unique exhibition of Sony ExploraScience, Dramas of science experiments which related to light, sound, and environmental protection were launched in 2000 in order to popularize scientific knowledge mainly for young people. All performers in such dramas are staffs of the Sony ExploraScience. This gives audience familiar experiences with science which are the highlight of these activities.
Education Support Program
Sony ExploraScience invests all its ticket revenues from visitors into Education program which is designed to promote science education among children in remote areas of China, to introduce its innovative science education module to the middle and primary schools. Based on the idea of leaning science while they are having fun, Sony ExploraScience encourages children to improve their knowledge and arouse curiosity for science by providing such experiences.
For more details, please visit the Sony ExploraScience(Beijing) website.(Available only in Chinese)

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