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Sony Science Proram
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  • Activities Under Sony Science Program
  • Career Education
  • Sony employees go to junior and senior high schools to hold classes for students

Sony Corporation
  • Sony Corporation

    The classes in this program are developed and executed toward
    the goal of heightening student interest in and concern about
    “Japan's excellent manufacturing technology and science” and
    “Student’s future career”. They take up mainly products familiar to
    the students, and describe the mechanisms behind products and
    the jobs of engineers and staff who are involved in their

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  • ・Learning the mechanism of CDs

    Analogue? Digital? Identify the sound with hand-made
    recording media!

  • ・Secrets behind liquid crystal TV

    How does it work? Understand and see how with knowledge
    about light!

  • ・Let's learn about FeliCa!

    E-money and contactless IC rail passes changing our lifestyles

  • ・Learning about the environmentally conscious technologies;

    “Vegetable-based plastics” and “bio battery”

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    In 2006, Sony Computer Entertainment began developing and
    holding classes for elementary, junior high, and senior high school
    students nationwide in cooperation with the NPO Association of
    Corporation and Education (ACE). It is the aim of this program to
    impart an understanding of the video game contents industry to
    these children and promote their sound upbringing.

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  • ・Curious Relationship between Game Making and Science

    Learn Fractions through LocoRoco

  • Career Education Programs at Other Sony Group Companies
  • ・Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

    Our music and copyright

  • ・Sony Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

    The work of designing goods and eco features - try and design a mobile phone!

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