Activities Under the Sony Science Program

Activities Under the Sony Science Program

Contests and Shows

Sony holds contests that have to do with science. In Japan, the photo contest "In Search of the scientific Mind" is conducted by the Sony Education Foundation. Outsides Japan, the "Sony Creative Science Award" competition is held in Singapore and some other areas.

Photo contest:
In Search of the Scientific Mind

The Foundation accepts entries of photos that capture those special moments children exhibit a scientific mind in moments of wonder or surprise arising spontaneously in everyday life or while they play.

Sony Creative Science Award

This is a toy-making competition organized jointly by the Sony Group companies in Sinapore and Science Centre Singapore.In the competition, children aged 7 - 12 vie with each other in making both original and innovative toys applying scientific principles.

Science Shows

Science shows are being hold in many parts of China, Japan, UAE, etc. to cultivate children’s interest in science and technology through a fun and practical approach.

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