Sony Science Program

Sony Science Program
Bringing the power of science to children, to whom the future belongs

Four Features of Sony Science Program

Activities Under the Sony Science Program

The Program provides children, tomorrow's principals, the opportunity for hands-on experience that will hopefully spark their motivations to acquire skills needed to make a better society by applying the power of science.
At Sony, we believe that promoting children's interest in science is crucial for the development of our society, and we have continued to support science education for more than five decades. These activities form the foundation of Sony's CSR operations, and are currently held in and outside of Japan as part of Sony Science Program. Some of our activities include "workshops" and interactive science "museums" (Tokyo, Beijing), where children can learn about scientific principles and technology through demonstrations using Sony products and services; "career educations" that give children the opportunity to think about working with technology in ways that contribute to society; "contests and shows" related to science; and activities held by "Sony Education Foundation". We will continue to provide young people of the future generation with the chance to develop their scientific minds.

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