Sony Creative Science Award & MESH workshop in Taiwan

Sony Creative Science Award & MESH workshop in Taiwan Date: July 20-24 & July 27-30, 2017 Venue: Taipei and Kaohsiung

2017 marked the 5th year of Sony Creative Science Award in Taiwan, a toy-making competition targeting children ages 9 to 12 years old. In order to extend the influence and raise awareness of Sony's efforts in science education among the young generation, Sony Taiwan organized two free exhibitions for the public in Taipei (July 20-24) and Kaohsiung (July 27-30) showcasing top 20 creative entries made by the winning participants.

In addition to the display of winning toys, Sony Taiwan specially featured the mini exhibits of Sony ExploraScience & MESH at the exhibition. This provided visitors a more entertaining way of learning science and also further engage parents & children with Sony's state-of the-art technology. An imaging mechanism, Smile Fight, of Sony ExploraSciecne in Odaiba, Tokyo was showcased and this interactive game using the technology of smile recognition was soon becoming one of the hottest attractions to visitors.

Another highlight of this year's exhibition definitely was the MESH workshop. With the support of HQ CSR and the MESH project team, Sony Taiwan conducted the first MESH workshop for children oversea. A total of seven workshops were arranged during the exhibition period which received enthusiastic feedbacks from both parents and children. The one-hour workshop provided children with the opportunity to use MESH to solve problems and inspiring them to create their own invention with the innovative thinking.

The MESH workshop also involved employee engagement, three Sony Taiwan staffs were recruited and trained as the instructor. They guided children to realize their creativity with MESH tags and created a lively leaning atmosphere. Many unique inventions were presented by the children such as a plate which would say "congratulations" when the meal is finished and a tooth brush to help children develop a good habit of cleaning their teeth.

Thru the workshop, children enjoyed the process and explored more about the possibility of invention. The result of MESH workshop was very inspiring, and more importantly, it was in line with the mission of Sony Creative Science Award of fostering curiosity toward science learning among children.

To help promote MESH, Takehiro Hagiwara, the MESH project team leader attended the exhibition in Taipei and met several key technology media. He gave a brief introduction and demonstration of MESH which aroused great interests among media. Positive reports of MESH were published and Sony's continued dedication and innovations in science education were also favorably highlighted.

For highlights of the exhibition 5th SCSA exhibition, please watch this video.

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