The 12th Sony Korea Eco Science School

The 12th Sony Korea Eco Science School Date: November 26, 2016 Venue: ACUBE Intel TGLab in Anyang City

On Nov. 26 2016, Sony Korea (SOK) hosted the 12th SOK Eco Science School at ACUBE Intel TGLab in Anyang City.
SOK invited 100 middle & high school students from low-income families in Seoul and Gyeonggi with our CSR partner, ChildFund Korea to inspire the students in ways that only Sony can, and offer the opportunities of environment & science education and the experience of the contents of Sony Group.

First, SOK conducted‹Headphone Making Workshop› of the Sony Science Program to understand the structure and principles of headphones, and 100 students had a good time for making eco-friendly headphones by themselves utilizing 200 recycled PET bottles & 200 milk cartons. In addition, various programs such as ‹Rapper Outsider's School Attack Concert› by Sony Music Entertainment Korea and ‹PlayStation®VR Experience Session› by Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea were held for the 12th Eco Science School

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