"Make your own IC Recorder" in Sony EMCS (Malaysia)

The half day program combined "Make your own IC Recorder", Factory tour, Experiencing and learning about sound and other fun activity. The children assembled their own IC recorders. Nurturing the power of science and creativity in young children encourages them to be innovative and develop liking in science.

A walk through explanation in the factory was organized where the children were brought to TV and Auto Mount production for a tour. The children were curious on the technology and skill used in the production.
Whilst other activities includes experiencing and learning about sound
The children tested the Cymatic experiment, Victoria Demo and recognizing their own voice pattern.

A photo of their voice pattern was printed and given to the children as souvenir.
Also organized was a theatre showing the New Story, New Sony Video in conjunction with 70<sup>th</sup> Sony Anniversary. The objective was to share the evolution of Sony products and to expose the children to Sony technology. To create some excitement, question were asked from the video clip and children with correct answers received some goodies.

The children and parent were given an opportunity to express their thought and feedback about the science program. The parents were thankful and honored for the great opportunity offered to their children to participate in the science program. It was a dream come through for the children.

At the end of the program, the joyful children brought back their self assembled and decorated IC recorder, certificate of participation for successfully completing the program and a handful of gifts received from the various fun filled activities. Everyone has a blast of time and the program was a good platform of up-coming event.

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