Over 8,500 students in China joined Sony Dream Class since 2013

Over 8,500 students in China joined Sony Dream Class since 2013

On June 19, 2014, Thursday, the kick-off ceremony of Sony Dream Classroom was held in Jingwei School in Changping District of Beijing.

Over the past 2 years of Sony Dream Classroom, we have donated multimedia classroom equipment to 51 primary schools in 41 cities all over China, which aims to extend our experience and knowledge in science popularization, dedicating to help children follow their dreams in a fascinating way. Over 8,500 children have joined Sony Dream Classrooms and benefited from this project.

The students had the first class -- "How headphones work" workshop right in the new Sony Dream Classroom on exciting Sony Science Program science experiments staged and instructed by teachers from a science musem, Sony ExploraScience. 20 children of 5th grade were taught to make own headphones with Sony Science Program headphones kits and instructed with sound-related theories.

"I believe everybody has his own dream, and 'Sony Dream Classroom' is exactly the place where you can explore new things and realize your dream. I wish all the students here can fully utilize this place to grow up while chasing curiosity." says Kurita, Chairman-President of Sony (China) Limited.

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