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  • Sony Eco Science School
On May 10th 2014, "The 4th Sony Eco Science School" was held in Seoul, Korea. Sony Korea invited 30 underprivileged children who are lack of opportunities of educations.

In the morning, children watched the 3D movie, "The Amazing Spiderman 2" of Sony Pictures Entertainment at the movie theatre. Afterwards, they moved to Sony Korea Office for the lunch and afternoon sessions.

Some children have already known the super hero, Spiderman. And in this movie, Electro, the strongest enemy ever for Spiderman was appeared. Since Electro made a black out controlling the electricity, SOK prepared educational sessions focusing on electricity and energy saving.

The first afternoon session was Eco Education. Mr. CW Kim, Environment Team Head of Sony Korea, offered a lecture that explained why we have to save energy in associations with 'Road to Zero'.

  • Mentioning the Electro man on the movie, the teacher offered a lecture regarding energy consumption and how to reduce energy in daily life based on 'Road to Zero'.

  • Education on "How electricity generation and storage works" and instructed "Make your own power generator".

  • Mr. Kenji Sakai, MD of Sony Korea giving a certification to the children who completed SOK Eco Science School
And the second session was Sony Science Program Workshop. Mr. OH Kwon, from ADMK Division, educated on "How electricity generation and storage works2. 30 children made their own power generators and shook to generate power. Many of children enjoyed the light for 2 minutes thanks to the capacitor.

Finally Mr. Sakai Kenji, MD of Sony Korea gave a speech encouraging children to have a dream, and presented a certification and a gift to each child.

Sony Korea started its eco education for children in 2001, and the company has carried out CSR activities for the next generations like "Eco Science School" since 2012.
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