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  • Sony Eco Science School & 3D workshop in Korea
On November 30th 2013, "Sony Eco Science School" was held in Seoul, Korea. Sony Korea invited 30 underprivileged children who do not have various opportunities of educations.

In the morning, children watched the 3D animation movie, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" of Sony Pictures Entertainment at the movie theatre. Some children watched the 3D movie for the first time and they were quite impressed by the technology.

The first afternoon session was Eco Education. Mr. CW Kim, Environment Team Head of Sony Korea, offered a lecture regarding the impact of food waste based on 'Road to Zero', Sony's Global Environmental Plan.

The second session was 3D Workshop. Mr. SB Oh, from Consumer Product Division, became the navigator on "What is 3D and make your own 3D mirror goggles and understand about human eyes". 30 children made their own 3D mirror goggles and looked at the 3D sample photos with their own 3D goggles. Many of children were surprised by the fact that 2 still images became one 3D image.

Finally Mr. Sakai Kenji, Managing Director of Sony Korea gave a speech encouraging children to have a dream and presented a certification and a gift to each child.

Sony Korea started its eco education for children in 2001, and since 2012, it has carried out CSR activities for the next generations as "Eco Science School".

  • Workshop on "What is 3D" and "Make your own 3D Mirror Goggles".

  • A Child watching pictures with his 3D mirror goggle

  • Children making 3D mirror goggles

  • Children watching pictures with 3D mirror goggles

  • Mr. Sakai Kenji, Managing Director of Sony Korea giving a certification to the children who completed Eco Science School
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