How Power Generation and Storage Works

“How Power Generation and Storage Works”

A series of workshops on “how power generation and storage works” was held as part of the Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) 2012, with the aim of reaching out to more students in Singapore to teach science principles through hands-on experience. The Sony Creative Science Award is a creative toy competition for primary school children aged 7 through 12 years old which is held every year by the Sony Group of Companies in Singapore and Science Centre Singapore.
The Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA), Singapore’s longest standing toy-making competition, celebrates 15 years of creativity and innovation by young children with the highest ever participation this year. Primary students from 104 schools expressed their creativity through more than 4,000 unique and ingenious toys, including dream toys they want to take on holiday with them.

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“How power generation and storage works” – Around us every day we rely on electricity – from home to school. Fuel is required to generate electricity, but this resource is limited and is harmful to our environment. In this year’s workshop, with the help of Sony volunteers, students learned how to create and store electricity through alternative means by making their own mini electricity stick generator through electromagnetic induction. Once the students were done assembling the electricity stick generator, they then tested it by shaking it to power the LED light!

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The workshops aim to teach children about the principles of Science through hands-on experience and in doing so, further inculcate the learning and love of science to more children in Singapore. This year’s workshops saw 180 students taking part in the 3 workshops held. Besides taking home their own power generator stick, the children were imparted with basic science knowledge and had fun along the way.

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