"How 3D Works" and "How Batteries Work" Workshops in Singapore

“How 3D Works” and “How Batteries Work” Workshops in Singapore

“How 3D Works” and “How Batteries Work” workshops were held as a part of the Sony Creative Science Award 2011 as a way of reaching out to more students in Singapore to teach science principles through hands-on experience. The Sony Creative Science Award is a creative toy competition for primary school children aged 7 through 12 year old which is held every year by the Sony Group of Companies in Singapore and Science Centre Singapore.

In “How 3D Works” workshop, children learn how to photograph 3D images, how brain recognizes 3D images, depth and distance along with making their own pair of 3D goggles. The children viewed the pictures in amazing 3D using their newly created goggles.

In “How Batteries Work” workshop, children learn how to make their own batteries with the provided project kit. During the workshop, the children had fun creating their own batteries while they learned the fundamentals of electrical currents and developing their understanding of the concept of energy circuits.

Through these workshops, the children in Singapore learned about science concepts in a fun and creative way outside the classroom.

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