"How 3D Works" Workshops in Taiwan

“How 3D Works” Workshops in Taiwan

On July 15th 2011, Sony Taiwan held its first “How 3D Works” workshop. The aim of the workshop is to enrich children’s knowledge and make them familiar with the theory and concept of 3D science. 23 students aged between 11 and 13 year-old from 4 different schools participated in the workshop.

Not only making their own 3D mirror goggles is a fascinating process, the other fun and enjoyable part of the workshop is “3D goggles decoration contest”. The 10 finalists get to catwalk with their unique 3D goggles to win the most votes from the judges and audience. The contest encourages creativity and uniqueness while making science education a fun learning experience.

The local teacher commented “Sony offers great opportunity for learning new things which school cannot offer to children. Our school children enjoyed all these fun and exciting 3D related activities.”<br><br>

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State of the event 02
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