"Young Creative by Sony Season 4" Edutainment Camp in Bangkok

“Young Creative by Sony Season 4” Edutainment Camp in Bangkok

On March 25th 2011, Sony Group of companies in Thailand organized the “Young Creative by Sony Season 4 ”edutainment camp at the Wachirabencchatat Park in Bangkok.

85 junior high school students aged 12 and 15 participated in a headphone making workshop utilizing used PET bottles and a music video workshop supervised by an award-winning director behind the biggest names in the Thai music industry. Students enjoyed building headphones and hearing music coming out from them through the supplied “Walkman” players.

They also learned how to produce music videos under the direction of Mr. Ekasit Trakulkasemsuk with a step-by-step approach which the students found enjoyable and challenging. While producing the music videos they got opportunities to use the latest “Handycam” models for video shooting and “VAIO” for editing.

Through this event, Sony hopes to contribute to ignite the passion for creativity and imagination among the youths in Thailand, while keeping and environmental mindset.

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