Program of education about inter-ethnic harmony

Following the end of the civil war in 2011, the government of Cote d'Ivoire posted the creation of a society in which ethnic groups that had been in confrontation with each other could live in peace together as a task of the highest priority in its efforts to rebuild the country. JICA is supporting this process of "social unification," and is providing aid for the rebuilding of ties of trust on the community level and for the reunification of the northern and southern regions, which were divided by the conflict.
At each public viewing event, there were side events held on the site for the participation of all, regardless of ethnicity or age. These included "friendly football matches" played by teams whose members were of different ethnicities and ages, as well as theatrical plays, quiz contests, marathon-type races, and tree-planting. These diverse programs, which were led by the local residents themselves and designed to foster social unification, helped to strength community bonds.

In the "friendly football matches," one of the rules was to join one
woman on each team.
Education about the need for ethnic harmony.
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