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About the Project

The EYE SEE project is to help children develop the ability to express their feelings through the lens, and broadcasting their discovery to the world.
Starting in 2006 in Pakistan, the EYE SEE project has already been held in 13 different countries by 2014, including African Countries and Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Under partnership with UNICEF, Sony provides equipment essential to workshops, such as digital still cameras and funding for operation cost. Moreover, Sony introduces the children’s photographs on its website and at photo exhibitions, conveying the children’s photographic insights to a wide audience to learn about global issues and to find a new perspective of the world through children’s eye sees.

Providing tools to help children participate in the society

Sony provides tools for EYE SEE. Digital imaging equipment such as digital still camera and Memory Card are helping children to take a first step toward social participation.

digital camera digital camera
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