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    Tohoku earthquake stastics

    Damage situation in Miyagi
    Deaths   9,472
    Missing   1,805
    Orphaned children    712


    • Number of dead and missing:
      From Bulletin 143 on the 2011 (Heisei 23) Off the Pacific coast of
      Tohoku Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake), Fire and
      Disaster Management Agency, February 7, 2012
    • Children orphaned by the earthquake:
      From Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, dated December 28, 2011

    Miyagi Workshop Report

    14 students from age 8 to 12 participated in the workshop which was held at Ayukawa elementary school, which is located at the Oshika Peninsula, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi.

    Ayukawa port flourished in the whale fishing trade, the objects and the design of whales can be found in many places throughout the town.


    Children had lots of places they wanted to shoot. Ayukawa's symbol, “Oshika Whale Land”, newly opened temporary shopping mall “Noren-gai”, beautiful beaches, community center where volunteers provide charity events, etc. At the parking of a convenience store, a big “HELP” sign was drawn to save a pregnant woman right after the earthquake. The story was reported in the news. The sign still remains there as it is.

    People at the temporary shopping mall looked all grateful with a smile as they could finally get the place to work and children also felt very happy about it. At the charity event, children enjoyed themselves with the games and entertainments prepared by the volunteers. Being photographers, children were also innocent residents in the affiliated area. And around them, there were always adults, gently caring for them.

    Rubbles, plants, small creatures, etc. Children found many things from the ground at the afflicted area. “In the future, when the town gets fully reconstructed, I want to show my children how it was like before. I will then tell them, we had a difficult time but we worked hard and we all overcame it!”, Kairi Saito (age 11) said during the workshop. A teacher in Ayukawa Elementary school set up a special column within the school's homepage to introduce children's photos, which shows their daily lives. “I want to show the Ayukawa moving towards the reconstruction”. Children's project is still going on.

    Children are learning how to set the themes of
    the photographs, putting up with their excitement
    to go out for shooting.

    Due to the depression of the land caused by the
    earthquake, seawater comes up to children's
    Children trying to shoot the very beautiful
    moment of the ocean in the sunset.
    Children sharing their photos among

    (Implementation of the workshop : 2011)

    Find the pictures taken by children

    The Photographers (name, age)

    Asahi Ishimori, 9
    Kanon Awano, 10
    Kiyoka Endo, 12
    Mana Hiratsuka, 11
    Yuuna Sasaki, 8
    Ami Goto, 8
    Chihiro Goto, 10
    Haruki Abe, 10
    Kairi Saito, 11
    Miku Sato, 8
    Miki Furuuchi, 10
    Ren Abe, 10
    Ryota Atsumi, 11
    Shuri Numakura, 9

    All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi

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