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flags Republic of Madagascar

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country information
Capital Antananarivo
Population 19,625,000
Area 587,041km2
Official Languages Malagasy, French
Major industry Agriculture (rice, coffee, sugar,etc.), Fishing Industry
Under-five mortality 58/1,000
Population with access to improved water sources 41%
Average life expectancy 61 years old
Gross National Income (GNI) per capita USD 420
Population living on less than USD 1.25 per day 68%
Literacy rate 71%
Child labor 32%

Data as of 2009, UNICEF

Madagascar workshop report

Morondava is a beautiful port town with a population of 30,000 and a long history of boat-building. In early 2009, a direct hit by Cyclone Fanele terrorized the city. Many lost their homes. Some perished. In the course of a few hours, everything changed.
"EYE SEE IV" was held several weeks later amid reconstruction activities. Through the workshop, 20 participants between ages 9 and 16 learned to create a photo-reportage. The children observed and photographed their neighbors healing body and soul while regaining their lives and restoring their community to normalcy. Adelerin captured shipbuilders carving out tree trunks. Narindra, fishermen heading out to sea. Florent, workers giving patients vaccine shots at a healthcare center and Théodose, children studying in tents and patched up schools. They documented everyday scenes of their community through their own eyes -for themselves and to share with the world.

It was the first time for the children of Morondava to handle a digital camera. What was it like to take and see their own pictures? What did they learn from the experience? Narindra says, "Planning what we wanted to communicate through the photographs was difficult. But seeing things from a new angle and walking around our community was fun." The results go beyond mere photography and documentation skills. They tell a true story and convey a message about the people of Morondava.
(Implementation of the workshop : 2009)
All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi

Find the pictures taken by children

The Photographers (name, age)

Théodose Sitrakiniaina 16
Kelly Andriamanandray 16
Rizzah Camille Ramanankoto 12
Julia Haningo 10
Esther Rasoanandasana 10
Patrick Rajeriarilala 12
Samiah Bin Houssen 16
Frorent Maharitra 12
lucienne Celestine 16
Rina 16
Narindra Alisoa 15
Maminiana 13
Frederick 11
Adelerin Leorah Raymond 16
Orelia Rasoanantenaina 16
Jean De Dieu Raoelson 12
Paulin Jean De Paul 12
Arson 9
Nofisoa 12
steven Tek Isaak 9
  • All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi


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