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Message from participant

Kristijan Memisevic 18, Serbia

“I have entered a new world. I didn't realize photography could be so powerful.”

Melville Harris 13, Liberia

“This workshop has helped to learn more about child rights and how to photograph children and people in their own environment. This activity helps young people to have a better vision of the issues affecting them.”

Cherona Cooper 12, Australia

“It was a great opportunity to show how we live, I also wanted to show my family at home … people do not much about Aborigen communities.”

Jean Claude Mutabazi 14, Rwanda

“I see the world in a different a way…. wherever i turn i see a photo, i had so much fun with the camera and it was my first experience, I just wish I can continue in the future.”

Fernanda Gómez Bernal 9, Mexico

“With the photos we can show to other children around the world how we live, the bad things and the good things.”

Caleb Vasques Catachunga 17, Brazil

“Now I have a basic understanding of how to take pictures with a purpose and a tell a story. Not just to show how people look like, but show situations, document stories or tragedies or suffering. Through the photo we can see and observe the pain of those people who live in hardship especially in our indigenous community.”

Kiana Gualberto 14, Philippines

“Photography diverted our attention from the fact that we have been affected by a great tragedy into the hope that life can be great despite what happened. Because photography gave us the opportunity to see how people are resilient and still grateful and this alone, gave us hope.”