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Completing the stadium donated by Sony

Sony donates three stadiums illustrated by Sony designer. He is talking his thought about this design.

Send Them Your Power & Love - Creating a unique graphic that gives children Dreams and Hope. This was the theme for designing the walls of Street Football Stadium.

First of all, we decided to create abstract graphics, since the interpretation of specific people, animals, and such differs depending on the country and culture.

While examining various ideas, we hit on the idea of assigning each corner of the stadium one of four colors that represents the ideas of Love (pink), Power (orange), Hope (blue), and Fair play (green), which we wanted children to learn about through our workshops held in this stadium. The corners are linked by gradation and curves, and the prominence of the meaning increases as one gets closer to the corner.
Although at first glance it seems like a simple idea, repeated fine adjustments were necessary to maintain the brilliance of the colors even where they overlap.

Satoshi Aoyagi / Designer
CMF Design Team,
Creative Center
The stadium designed with the theme "Love, Power, Hope and Fair play"
(The place and environment where this stadium is used is different from this photo)

Children in Brazil and Latin America kick balls around even as they confront social issues. It is exactly in this type of difficult environment that there are things for children to learn; social skills and cooperativeness, which children have difficulty learning by themselves, are important not only in football but also in life. It would make me extremely happy if we can give children even the slightest bit of hope about the future, foster a sense of fair play through Street Football Stadium Project, and create a future superstar from among these kids.

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