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Empower dreams and curiosity to pioneer the future.

Wonder. Excitement. Imagination.
Curiosity enables children to shine in their own uniqueness and to grow as individuals.

See. Feel. Think. Create.
Enabling rich encounters and experiences,
In step with an innate desire to learn,
Guided by a commitment and eagerness to shape the young minds of society and the future.

Sony, with its diverse technology and creativity, endeavors to nurture the curious minds of children as they move towards a brighter tomorrow.

Let us embrace a future powered by dreams and curiosity that enables generations of children to change the world.

CurioStep with Sony
Step into an exciting journey with us.


Empowering children's curiosity and individuality, and transforming it into dreams and the power to change the world. Sony conducts various education programs through CurioStep. Through activities such as workshops in the STEAM field* extending from science to entertainment, as well as hands-on experiences filled with excitement and surprise, we provide learning opportunities that make use of our various technologies and creativity to support the future development of children who will lead the next generation.
*Acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics


Through workshops in the STEAM field extending from science to entertainment, Sony provides children with opportunities to see, think, feel and create. Our employees also participate in these workshops as instructors and staff.


Sony operates hands-on science museums, Sony ExploraScience in Beijing.

Career Education

Sony Group employees hold classes on the group's various businesses, such as gaming, music, and finance, and speak about the work they are involved in.


Sony holds contests such as competitions for making innovative toys that use scientific principles, photo contests to foster children who love science, and more.

Sony Foundations

The Sony Education Foundation provides a wide range of support for science education, such as that for schools and instructors undertaking innovative, cutting-edge endeavors. The Sony Music Foundation conducts activities that foster sensitivity in children through classical music.

Activity Report
Around The World

CurioStep workshops are held in various parts of the world by the Sony Group.

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