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Students visited and documented in the field of,
UNICEF Child Photography Workshop
EYE SEE Australia

  • ©YoA/Nicholas Walton-Healey
The EYE SEE Photography Workshop encourages visual literacy among children, and increases involvement in understanding and promoting positive social change. Sony has been supporting EYE SEE since 2006, and been showcasing children's photography and messages around the world.
Using digital photography, these workshops provide a mechanism for children to present, through imagery, their views on the world, and to communicate challenges that may otherwise be difficult to share with the wider community. It also provides an opportunity to learn a new creative medium of expression, and an opportunity for social participation.
In April 2013, through collaboration with WPO, one student of the Royal Melbourne Engineering University in Australia participated in the EYE SEE Workshop in Darwin. Under the guidance of Professor Mark Geller, he documented children participated EYE SEE workshop, and families and community surrounding these children.

Comments from Participants

Nicholas Walton-Healey, Student

"Over the duration of the program, I saw, or heard, first-hand from key members of the community, the kick that these kids got from participating in this program. It will be hard to forget the smiles that broke out across elder faces when they too saw this or any one of the many photographs the children took.

  • ©YoA/Nicholas Walton-Healey
But it is equally difficult however, to ignore the extent to which these communities are isolated or divorced from the 'real' world and the opportunities that this isolation denies their youth. Though the ultimate goal may still yet be far away, this is surely a step - be it a tentative and modest one - in the right direction."

* The comments of students is posted on the web as original.

  • ©YoA/Nicholas Walton-Healey
Nick will continue to work with Amity and continue to research these issues for his final project in his undergraduate studies.

Darwin, Australia
Partner schools:
RMIT University
7 - 11th April
Amity Community Services
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