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Seeing through different senses

Set the accessibility function of the TV setting.

Text enlargement and screen reader functions provide better accessibility.

"Text Magnification" function to increases the size of texts on the screen.
"Screen Reader" allows one to check the TV program guides on screen or to change TV settings withoutlooking at the screen.
You can enjoy the BRAVIA™ TV with easy operation after activating the accessibility setting.

The accessibility function can be simply toggled on or off using the button on the remote controller.a

  • *"Screen Reader" and "Text Magnification" functions are in compliance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.
  • *"Screen Reader" function is available only for some areas and languages.
  • *"Text Magnification" function is available only for some applications.
  • *"Screen Reader" and "Text Magnification" functions are available only for focus points.
  • *The accessibility function on/off toggle function using the button on the remote controller is only available with certain models.
BRAVIA™ TV Accessibility Settings BRAVIA™ TV Accessibility Settings
News Suite application News Suite application

Change the News Suite font size for an easier,
Smoother reading experience

News Suite, Sony's news app, gives users a platform for not only checking out the latest news in categories ranging from business to entertainment and sports but also accessing personalized feeds-all at the swipe of a finger. By also featuring four different font size settings ("Small" to "Extra large"), News Suite ensures optimal readability and lets users scroll through articles with ease.

Electronic Viewfinder / Manual Focus Assist / Peaking Function

Assist accurate focusing

This feature can be found on α7 interchangeable-lens digital camera series and Cyber-shot™ Digital Camera RX series. The MF (manual focus) Assist feature will help you focus on the item when using in manual focus. By enlarging the image on the screen, you can adjust the focus on the detail. The peaking feature adds color to the outline of the area of focus in the display. You can look through the OLED viewfinder to adjust the fine details of the focus and even check the blurring. Making it easy to focus for a more fun and exciting time taking photos.

α7 II interchangeable-lens digital camera α7 II interchangeable-lens digital camera
Peaking function

Change Accessibility settings in one shot For better visibility

On PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita systems, the various screens including the system settings can be customized from one menu. From the Function screen (PS4™) or the Home screen (PS Vita), choose 'Settings' then 'Accessibility'. Settings such as zooming, inverting colors, enlarging text, bolder text, high contrast display, closed captioning, change button assignments, change speed of automatic scrolling (only on the PS4™ system) can be adjusted.
Other settings to improve your gaming environment include the 'Messages' feature on the PS4™ system- you can enjoy sending stamps along with your text messages to other users, and the 'Text-to-Speech' feature (available in selected regions/languages), which reads the text displayed on the screen or the browser.

PlayStation®4 PlayStation®4
PlayStation®4 Accessibility menu PlayStation®4 Accessibility menu
PlayStation®4 'Zoom' setting PlayStation®4 'Zoom' setting

Spoken feedback for your actions, alerts and notifications

This feature uses voice audio and vibration to let you know what is happening on your smartphone screen. You can operate your smartphone using your senses - your touch, your ears. Talkback is a standard feature in the Accessibility Menu on Android™ phones.

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