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Notice to Customers Using Non-Sony Manufactured
Remote-Controlled Electric Stoves

Sony Corporation
Sony Marketing Japan
Dec. 7th, 2006

     Tests carried out by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), have confirmed that in certain cases, remote-controlled electric stoves may be activated by remote controllers intended for other CE devices.(For more information, please see NITE website :

     We request that any customers owning remote-controlled electric stoves who also possess Sony devices operated by remote control (including AIWA brand products) exercise due caution to ensure against the misoperation of their electronic stoves.

|| Requests to users
  1. Please disconnect power cord when remote-controlled electric stoves are not in use.
    (Disconnecting power will prevent the unintentional activation of electronic stoves by remote controllers intended for other CE devices.)

  2. Do not place remote-controlled electric stoves close to flammable items, such as curtains.
    (If a heater is unintentionally activated there is the risk that flammable items may ignite and catch fire, unnoticed to users.)

|| NITE test results (relating only to Sony products)

  • Product subject to misoperation: Remote-controlled electric stove manufactured by Morita Electric Corporation (model number MS-C904R, manufactured 2004).

  • Product affecting this model: Remote controller (model: RM-J1004) used with Sony Televisions (models: KDL-L23RX2,-L26RX2,-L32RX2)
* Through their tests, NITE have confirmed that when certain remote controllers are configured to also control other devices, there is a possibility that they may cause remote-controlled electric stoves to misoperate, in some cases activating its heating system.
Please note that Sony has also discovered that the volume reduction button on remote controllers used with certain Sony audio / home theatre systems and AIWA audio (model name RM-Z20062B) may affect remote controlled electric stoves manufactured by Morita Electric Corporation (model name: MS-C904R, manufactured 2004).

|| Cause of misoperation

     In order to prevent misoperation between unrelated products, Sony remote controllers incorporate a system that identifies specific product models, while at the same time transmitting data enabling the signal to be traced to its source.
     Certain remote controlled electric stoves do not incorporate any measures to prevent misoperation caused by infra-red remote controllers used with other CE products. Therefore, we consider the close resemblance between the signals used by the subject stoves and certain Sony products to have caused the stoves to misoperate.

We have not received reports of any accidents relating to remote controlled electric stoves being affected by remote controllers used with Sony products.

|| For any inquiry

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