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September 7, 2004

Sony Corporation

Semiconductor Technology Supporting
Digital High Definition (HD) Video Camcoder, HDR-FX1
- Introducing newly developed 1080i compatible HD CCD and HD Codec Engine -

     Sony Corporation today introduced the world's first consumer HDV 1080i compatible Digital High Definition (HD) video camcorder, <HDR-FX1>. This new camcorder contains various newly developed semiconductors, utilizing Sony's most advanced circuitry technology.

     The HDR-FX1 has the world's first consumer 1,120,000 pixel High Definition <1080i compatible HD CCD>, a result of Sony's renowned imaging device technology. Also, <HD Codec Engines>, can process massive high definition image signal information, to give high quality image production at fast speeds and low power consumption (MPEG2 compression/ decompression format.)

photo:1,120,000 pixel <1080i compatible HD CCD>photo:<HD Codec Engine>
1,120,000 pixel <1080i compatible HD CCD><HD Codec Engine>

World's first consumer <1080i compatible HD CCD>
     The world's first consumer <1080i compatible HD CCD>, capable of filming 1080i compatible high-definition movie with an aspect ratio 16:9 has been developed. With 1,120,000 pixels, precise high-definition filming can be achieved, as well as giving excellent performance in sensitivity and smear specifications.
     In <HDR-FX1>, 3 of these CCDs are used to form the "3CCD Camera System". The 3 basic components of visible light (RGB:Red Green and Blue) coming into the lens, independently refract in each CCD, enabling excellent color reproduction with high definition.

· Main Specifications
Image SizeDiagonal: 6.0mm (1/3-type), Aspect ratio 16:9
Total pixels (overall)1012 (horizontal) × 1111 (vertical),
Approx. 1,120,000 pixels
Total valid pixels972 (horizontal) × 1100 (vertical),
Approx. 1,070,000 pixels
Unit Cell Size5.45µm (horizontal) × 2.725µm (vertical)
Minimum required illumination6 Lux *
Sensitivity (F8)440mV
Package14pin plastic-metal package
External Dimensions10.0mm (horizontal) × 10.0mm (vertical) × 6.8mm (thickness)
* measured in the Japanese system.

HDV Standard compatible <HD Encoding Engine>
This is the core of the signal processing engine, consisting of the 4 main LSI Groups; Base-hand signal processor, HD-MPEG Video Enconder, HD-MPEG Video Decoder and HDV Streaming Processor. These high-performance LSI Groups have all been newly developed utilizing the most advanced semiconductor process technology,

* Base band signal processor:
This is the LSI to process noise reduction and various signals for the image/movie data coming in from the camera. It also comes with the capability of down-converting high-definition signal to conventional television signal.
Process RuleNumber of GatesPower ConsumptionOthers
180 nanometersApprox.
2,000,000 gates
700mW18Mbit DRAM

* HD-MPEG video encoder:
This is the encoder LSI which converts massive data of high-definition movie into a high quality compressed MPEG2 format. The encoder LSI's low power consumption of 200mW while movie recording allows the lengthy filming capabilities required for camcorders.
130 nanometersApprox.
1,500,000 gates
200mWMPEG2 MP@HLEncoder

* HD-MPEG video decoder:
This is the LSI which converts the MPEG2 signal into a high-definition movie signal.
It is capable of stable output when operating with still images, frame-by-frame tracking etc. which are usually poorly handled by MPEG2.
180 nanometersApprox.
700,000 gates

* HDV Streaming Processor:
This is the LSI which adds various data necessary for the HDV format, such as error correction signal at recording/playback. This LSI is developed utilizing C Language with a large capacity 36M Bit DRAM and CPU.
180 nanometersApprox.
1,200,K gates
200mWProduction in Nagasaki Tech, Japan

     In Sony, semiconductors are positioned as key devices which are at the heart of products, resulting in added value. Sony will continue to aggressively promote semiconductor design and process technologies, and will focus on integrated development of products and high-performance semiconductors. The result will be superior and higher value products.

*HDV and HDV logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.