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December 10, 2002


Sony develops "Virtual Mobile EngineTM",
A new reconfigurable circuit technology for much lower power-consumption
Adopted in Network Walkman's LSI

Sony Corporation has developed low-power-consumption dynamic reconfigurable circuit technology for compact mobile devices, "Virtual Mobile EngineTM", and incorporated this technology in a newly developed LSI "CXR704060" for Network Walkman "NW-MS70D".

Dynamic reconfigurable circuit technology does not require multiple dedicated circuits for each operation. The technology enables an LSI to function according to each situation by altering its preset configuration and operation with software during processing. Previously this technology was considered only for use in large-scale data processing communications devices requiring swift specification changes, but concerning its application in consumer mobile devices, power-consumption had been an issue.

[Reconfigulable Logic Concept Image]

Sony developed "Virtual Mobile EngineTM" for audio visual LSIs as a solution to the increasingly complex LSI design of the multi function consumer mobile devices. The first product adopting the technology is the "CXR704060" LSI for Network Walkman "NW-MS70D", which achieved fourfold energy efficiency (in playing ATRAC3) in comparison to the current commodity DSP (Digital Signal Processor)*. In "CXR704060", reconfigurable circuit technology is applied to energy consuming multiple processes that decode the original music data from its compressed form. This is the world's first application of low-power-consumption dynamic reconfigurable circuit technology in consumer products.

By altering the process of LSI design, "Virtual Mobile EngineTM" allows the manufacture of more compact, higher quality mobile devices. In future, Sony will continue the pursuit of even more distinctive mobile product design through the extensive application of this "Virtual Mobile EngineTM".

< Main Specifications of "CXR704060" for the LSI of Network Walkman >
Main Feature Audio Codec and other system processing
Operating Frequency 22.58MHz
Operating Voltage 1.2V(Logic Part)
Energy Consumption 4mW(in playing ATRAC3 on conventional company product)
Process 0.18um
Package TFLGA,208 pins

"Virtual Mobile EngineTM" is a trademark of Sony.
*Source: Sony internal measurements.