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November 22, 2002

Sony announces establishment of Semiconductor Development Center in Taiwan
-Advancing development of Imaging Device Modules and semiconductors for use in mobile devices through cooperation with Taiwanese technological expertise-

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation today announced the establishment of a new semiconductor development center as part of Sony Taiwan Ltd. The center will be named "System in Module Engineering of Taiwan", and will operate from January 1, 2003.

Research at the facility will concentrate on the development of Imaging Device Modules and LSIs for use in mobile devices, such as cellular phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and notebook computers. A core group of engineers will originally be based at the center when it opens in January, 2003, and within two years Sony plans to have three times their number in place. Sony also aims to work towards establishing the infrastructure to enable the center to undertake semiconductor system solution development.

In recent years, there has been rapid growth and development in hardware and network technology. Improvements have been made in network infrastructure, and the market for mobile devices continues to evolve at great pace. Manufacturers of semiconductors for these mobile devices can no longer simply provide isolated semiconductors. Instead, they need to supply system-based miniaturized modules, which can be developed into products that meet the needs of a rapidly changing market environment. Sony recognizes Taiwan's importance as a production base for a wide range of information and communication technology companies, and has established the center in order to promote smooth product development in conjunction with these companies.

At the core of the center will be Sony's sensor technology for imaging device modules. This will be combined with the modularization and optical design technological expertise of Taiwanese manufacturers, universities and public research institutes to enable the development of imaging devices and solutions for mobile products. In addition, by utilizing Taiwan's wealth of talent in this field, Sony plans to introduce development programs capable of providing products and solutions according to the customer's specific needs and requirements. Sony hopes that this will provide the base from which to launch its semiconductor business targeted at mobile devices in Taiwan.

Furthermore, Sony would like to acknowledge the considerable support received from various Taiwanese authorities, including the Executive Yuan Administration, throughout the planning and implementation of this project.

Development Center for Imaging Device Modules and semiconductors
Name: System in Module Engineering of Taiwan
Address: Taipei, Taiwan
President: Futao Yamaguchi
Activities: Development of Imaging System (System, Module and LSIs)