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April 25,2002

Sony Announces New Executive Appointments

Tokyo, Japan - Following the recommendation of the Nominating Committee and approval at today's Board of Directors' Meeting, Sony Corporation today announced a set of promotions and changes for Directors, Auditors, Corporate Executive Officers and Group Executive Officers.

The candidates for Director and Auditor will be appointed subject to approval at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on June 20, 2002. The candidates for Corporate Executive Officer and Group Executive Officer will be appointed subject to approval of the Board of Directors Meeting to be held on the same day.

<Board of Directors>

New Candidate for Board of Directors:
Akishige Okada (current Chairman of the Board, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)

Resigning from Board of Directors:
Peter G. Peterson (current Chairman of The Blackstone Group, to be appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board, Sony Corporation)

Kenichi Suematsu (current Advisor of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)

<Board of Statutory Auditors >

New Candidate for Board of Statutory Auditors:
Tadasu Kawai (current Corporate Senior Vice President, Global Audit)

Resigning from Board of Statutory Auditors:
Takashi Hayashi (new Corporate Vice President, to be appointed Deputy President, Home Network Company, as of June 20, 2002)

<Corporate Executive Officers>

New Corporate Vice Presidents (as of June 20, 2002):

Hiromasa Otsuka (current Sector Officer, Network Application & Content Service Sector)
Yoshinori Onoue (current Deputy President, Home Network Company)
Hideki Komiyama (current President, Electronic Devices Marketing Group)
Shoji Nemoto (current President, Personal Video Company, Mobile Network Company )
Takashi Hayashi (current Standing Statutory Auditor, to be appointed Deputy President, Home Network Company, as of June 20, 2002)
Takashi Fukushima (current President, Personal Audio Company, Mobile Network Company )
Takao Yuhara (current Senior General Manager, Corporate Planning & Control, Global Hub)

Corporate Executive Officers Promoted (as of June 20, 2002):

Executive Deputy President Shizuo Takashino (current Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Consumer Products)
Corporate Executive Vice President Masayuki Nozoe (current Corporate Senior Vice President and Sector President, Network Application & Content Service Sector)
Corporate Senior Vice President Ryoji Chubachi (current Corporate Vice President and NC President, Core Technology & Network Company)
Corporate Senior Vice President Keiji Kimura (current Corporate Vice President and NC President, Mobile Network Company)

Resigning as Corporate Executive Officers (as of June 20, 2002):

Executive Deputy President Suehiro Nakamura to be appointed Advisor
Corporate Senior Vice President Tadasu Kawai to be appointed Standing Statutory Auditor
Corporate Research Fellow
(Corporate Vice President)
Yoshifumi Mori to be appointed Counsellor

<Group Executive Officers>

New Group Executive Officers (as of June 20, 2002):

Yoshihiro Taya (current Director & Corporate Senior Vice President, Sony EMCS Corporation)
Nobuhiro Hamasaki (current Representative Director & President, Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation)


Establishment of an Advisory Board for Sony Corporation

Sony will establish an Advisory Board comprised of top individuals from various industries to provide insights and advice to the chief officers of Sony Corporation and its group company executives. Sony's chief officers and the Advisory Board will meet twice annually to discuss global political and economic trends, developments in cutting-edge technology, corporate governance, Sony group management strategy and other issues. Additional members will be invited to join the Advisory Board in due course.

Members of Advisory Board

Peter G. Peterson
Chairman, Blackstone Group
Roland Berger Founder, Global Managing Partner and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
John S. Reed Former Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Citigroup
Yoshihiko Miyauchi Chairman and CEO, ORIX Corporation

Participating Sony Chief Officers

Nobuyuki Idei Chairman and CEO
Kunitake Ando President and COO
Teruhisa Tokunaka Executive Deputy President and CFO
Howard Stringer Chairman and CEO, Sony Corporation of America

The CEO may nominate other participants depending on the subjects under discussion.