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November 14, 2000

Sony Develops Prototypes of Memory Stick(R) Expansion Module
Camera Module, GPS Module and Fingerprint Recognition Module Expand the Horizon of Memory Stick's Applications

(Las Vegas, Comdex/Fall 2000) Sony Corporation today demonstrated the "Memory Stick(R) Expansion Module (provisional name)" in three types of applications. Working prototypes of the Camera Module, GPS Module and Fingerprint Recognition Module will be exhibited and demonstrated at the Memory Stick(R) Pavilion during the duration of Comdex/Fall 2000.

Memory Stick(R) Expansion Modules
Left: GPS Module, Center: Camera Module, Right: Fingerprint Recognition Module

Memory Stick(R) Expansion Modules were developed using Sony's high density mounting technology to utilize the form factor and interface terminals/protocols of the Memory Stick(R) IC recording medium. By simply inserting these modules into the Memory Stick(R) slot on compliant handhelds, PCs and mobile phones, those devices will be able to expand its hardware capabilities. As forerunners of the Memory Stick(R) Expansion Module, Sony developed working prototypes of the Camera, GPS and Fingerprint Recognition Modules, which are planned for market introduction in 2001.

Camera Module:

Equipped with a 100,000-pixel CMOS image sensor, the Camera Module will turn a compliant device into a digital camera. Compliant handhelds or PCs with the Camera Module will be able to instantly capture still images that can be enjoyed on commonly available picture viewing software.

GPS Module:

The GPS Module will transform compliant devices into a handheld navigator. A micro-size antenna on this module captures radio signals from GPS satellites orbiting the earth to precisely triangulate the longitudinal/latitudinal position of the user.

Fingerprint Recognition Module:

Secure authentication systems beyond the mere use of a password will become necessary to propel the world of e-commerce to the next level. This module utilizes biometrics technology to instantly recognize the fingerprint of the authentic user for secure authorization of electronic transactions and access to protected information.

The three prototypes introduced today only reveal a fraction of the possibilities of the Memory Stick(R) Expansion Module. Sony is currently developing a wide variety of expansion modules such as Infostick (Bluetooth Module), Microphone Module and LAN Module. With the introduction of the Memory Stick(R) Expansion Module, Sony will usher the Memory Stick(R) into the network era as a digital platform system that goes beyond current recording media applications.

Specifications of the Memory Stick(R) Expansion Modules

Camera Module

Dimensions (w x h x d)24 x 77 x 15mm
Image Sensor100,000-pixel CMOS image sensor
Image SizeCIF (332 x 288 dots)

GPS Module

Dimensions (w x h x d)31 x 112 x 11.5mm
Signal Receiving Format16 channel parallel receiver

Fingerprint Recognition Module

Dimensions (w x h x d)21.5 x 50 x 2.8mm
Recognition RateFalse Rejection Rate: less than 1%
False Acceptance Rate: less than 0.1%
*All specifications are figures for the prototypes. Final product specifications are subject to change without notice