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October 20, 2000

Sony ExploraScience Opens in Beijing

Beijing, China, October 20, 2000-Sony Corporation is delighted to announce that Sony ExploraScience, an interactive educational center for the promotion of science and education will open to the public on October 28, 2000. This is the first project of its kind in China. A grand opening ceremony is scheduled in Beijing today.

Mr. Nobuyuki Idei, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Corporation,
Mr. Ma Yue, Deputy Director of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Dr.Delacote, Executive Director of the San Francisco-based Exploratorium Museum will attend the opening ceremony. They will open the new facilities with a logo in the form of a key, which symbolizes the exploration of the future through science and technology.

"At Sony, our mission is to fulfill the dreams of the world's Digital Dream Kids. We are doing so by producing innovative products and services and by building places for real interaction like Sony ExploraScience," said Nobuyuki Idei, Sony Chairman and CEO.
"The logo mark we use symbolizes a key. It is our hope that Sony ExploraScience will be a key that opens the door of curiosity of the children of Beijing".

The harmonization of science and technology is the main theme of Sony ExploraScience. It will combine interactive educational exhibits from the Exploratorium in San Francisco with Sony's latest digital technologies to help young people explore and experience the attraction of science. To fully exploit the senses of "vision" and "hearing",
Sony ExploraScience is divided into four areas covering "illusion," "refraction/reflection," "light/colors" and "sounds."

Sony ExploraScience is located in Beijing Oriental Plaza, at the intersection of Wangfujing Street and Chang'an Avenue.

<Overview of Sony ExploraScience>

  • Name of facility
    Sony ExploraScience
  • Location
    Shop A201, Upper Ground, The Malls, Oriental Plaza, No.1, East Chang An Ave., Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China.
  • Area
    1,500 square meters
  • Admission Fee
    60 RMB for adults, 40 RMB for students (with valid student ID)
    Free admission for children under 6 years old.
  • Opening Hours
    10:30 - 19:00
    Closed on the second Monday and Tuesday of each month.
  • Project Partner
    China International Economics and Technical Cooperation Consultants, Inc.
    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,Exploratorium Museum.
  • URL

<Sony ExploraScience Displays>

Sony ExploraScience consists of four display zones covering "Illusion," "Refraction & Reflection," "Light & Colors," and "Sounds." Classical exhibits from Exploratorium Museum combined with exhibits utilizing Sony's digital technology will be displayed in the facility.


In this zone, the unique nature of optical illusions can be experienced, and through this an understanding of visual recognition capabilities.

Refraction & Reflections
Light travels through space to deliver information. Using water, mirrors or computer digital processing as the filters for various kinds of information, experience the changes that take place. As a result, visitors will understand that the final output is an accumulation of information delivered by light.

Lights & Colors
Using spectroscopes and computer processing we can experience how the light we see everyday is made up of various wavelengths. We also understand that light contains elements we cannot normally see.

Sound is an invisible phenomenon that travels through space. In this zone,
the visualization of various sources of sound, such as the human voice can be experienced. Converting the audio aspects into visual data allows visitors to understand the complex mechanism of sound.

<Sony's unique digital exhibits>

  • Biological Motion .cam(Illusions Zone)
    This exhibit helps visitors understand visual recognition capability. Visitors will realize that the various movements of a human being can be expressed by simple dots, or simple points of light. Incredibly, feelings like astonishment and irritation, or the burden of carrying a heavy object can be expressed in this simple manner. This phenomenon is called Biological Motion

  • Cyber Seed(Refraction & Reflection Zone)
    Cyber Seed is an exhibit which realizes the forms and characteristics of a graphical creature. It does so by converting complex information on forms and characteristics into a black and white checkerboard pattern, called Cybercode. By combining the information files that are represented by these simple Cybercodes, concrete visual information can be created, and hence the birth of a new creature. Through this exhibit, the basics of digital technology can be explained.

  • Holo Wall(Lights & Colors Zone)
    Holo Wall is an exhibit which enables the whole human body and its motion to act as an interface for operating the computer. The system enables a more interactive relationship between man and computer.

  • Visual Voice(Sounds Zone)
    Each human voice has its own unique personality, made up of numerous characteristics like volume, frequency, tone, intonation and many others. Through this exhibit, these differences can be visualized by many different
    'talk bubbles'.

Visitors may also experience a variety of events and live performances, such as science shows, as well as the Digital Workshop and the Museum Shop inside the facility where souvenirs are available.