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September 28, 2000

Commercialization of Personal IT Television "airboard"
~ Creating a New Lifestyle ~

(Tokyo, Japan) - Sony today announced the launch of a personal IT television called "airboard" for the Japanese market on December 1st, 2000. As an information device with a completely new concept, it offers convenient and easy access to a wide range of media contents.

Sony positions the "airboard" as a new gateway for the coming broadband network era that will introduce a new lifestyle and a "home mobile" world where users can easily access a variety of contents anywhere in the home.

In recent years with the rapid popularization of the Internet there has been concern about the problem of a growing "digital divide" among consumers. Sony strongly believes that the "airboard" will not only liberate users from the burden and complication of conventional information devices to help solve the digital divide, but also create the potential for a new networking business aimed at a new range of users.

The "airboard (IDT-LF1)" features:
  1. "AV/IT convergence" which allows users to enjoy both Internet and video contents on a single device.
  2. "Location free" access which enables users to access information anywhere inside the home.
  3. "Easy operability" with a touch panel system.

In addition to pursuing the concept of easy to use information devices, Sony plans to create a new lifestyle in conjunction with easy access to a wide range of media contents, including digital broadcast, plus offer a unique and easy to use digital networking service for everyone.

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