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May 25, 2000

Sony Awarded Large Order for HDCAM Equipment from NHK
NHK Decides on HDCAM Camcorder for HD Newsgathering

(Tokyo, Japan) - Sony announced today that they have received an order from the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) for a large amount of HDCAM recording devices, which include the HDCAM camcorder and VTR for use in HD ENG (Electronic Newsgathering). In order to be fully prepared for BS (broadcast satellites) digital HD broadcasting, these machines will be stationed at NHK throughout Japan and NHK offices overseas to be used for widespread newsgathering in the HD format. This order, which is the world largest single order ever placed by a broadcasting company for HD machines, is not only expected to greatly expand HD broadcasting in Japan, but also speed up the general adoption of HD technology.

Since the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, NHK has actively worked to develop high quality television based on digital recording, such as HD television, via practical test broadcasting to become a global pioneer in the practical adoption of this technology. Through various live broadcasts such as the Olympics, the World Cup and Space Shuttle missions NHK has provided a fore taste of the new broadcasting era and earned an impressive world reputation for producing top quality, realistic images using HD technology from a wide variety of locations. This December regular HD broadcasting in Japan will move one-step closer with the start of HD broadcasting by BS digital technology.

NHK will use HDCAM camcorders and other equipment for newsgathering for terrestrial and satellite transmission at international events such as the Okinawa Summit, Sydney Olympics and Sydney Paraplegic Olympics with the aim of creating a digital HD recording of the events for posterity.

NHK investigated ENG HD equipment over a prolonged period of time and decided on HDCAM. Jointly developed by NHK and Sony Corporation, the products to be purchased are a new generation of HDCAM, which feature advanced picture quality and sensitivity, plus easy-to-use operating function and reliability.