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May 8, 2000

Sony Strengthens its Management Team
to Further Enhance Corporate Value

(Tokyo, Japan)

At an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors held today (May 8, 2000) Sony Corporation provisionally approved a new executive management structure. The aim is to further enhance corporate value by optimizing the company's management system and accelerating the pace of corporate reform. These changes will become effective once the necessary appointments are approved at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting and Board of Directors' Meeting to be held on June 29, 2000.

1. New Management Team

Under the new system, the Sony Group's global operations management will center around three top executive officers: the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Executive Deputy President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). To clarify their respective roles, the following appointments will be made effective from June 29, 2000.

Nobuyuki Idei
Chairman and CEO (Representative Director) [currently President and CEO
(Representative Director)]

Kunitake Ando
President and COO (Representative Director) (currently Executive Deputy President and COO)

Teruhisa Tokunaka
Executive Deputy President and CFO (Representative Director) (same as present)

2. Structure of the Board of Directors

In order to clearly distinguish the roles of Directors and Corporate Executive Officers the following Board of Directors ranks will be abolished: Chairman, President, Executive Deputy President and Senior Managing Director. For Corporate Executive Officers, the following ranks will continue: Chairman, Vice Chairman, President , Executive Deputy President, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Executive Vice President, Corporate Senior Vice President and Corporate Vice President.

3. The Role of Chairman of the Board

The post of Chairman of the Board will be separated from Chairman and Representative Director. The Chairman of the Board will provide a vigorous lead in enhancing the Board's supervisory functions in order to strengthen corporate governance.

Norio Ohga
Chairman of the Board (Director) (currently Chairman, Representative Director)

4. Appointment of Vice Chairmen

Minoru Morio
Vice Chairman (Director) [currently Executive Deputy President, (Representative Director)]

Tamotsu Iba
Vice Chairman (Director) [currently Executive Deputy President, (Representative Director)]

5. New Appointments of Directors

Kunitake Ando
Ken Kutaragi

6. New Appointment of Statutory Auditor

Takafumi Abe

7. To be Retired as Statutory Auditor

Yoshisuke Mohri