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February 29, 2000

Regarding the Public Notice on
Recall of InfoLithium Battery Packs

Sony Corporation will make public announcements in Japan about a recall of its InfoLithium Battery Packs ("NP-F750" and "NP-F550") manufactured between March 1999 to June 1999.

Sony carried out a comprehensive inspection of the quality of Sony 's InfoLithium Battery Packs immediately it received information from a customer that a "NP-F750" battery pack had become deformed while being recharged. As a result, Sony learned that some of the battery packs manufactured during the above period (approximately 59,000 packs in Japan) have a potential to cause damage by overheating. Sony has therefore decided to issue a recall in order to prevent possible accidents.

The Cause of the problem

Every battery cell used in InfoLithium Battery Packs has a "seal cap" that prevents the electrolyte from leaking out. It was discovered that during the above period, there was a malfunction in a welding/assembly facility for battery cell seal caps, which can cause a crack in the seal cap. When the pressure within a battery cell is increased by recharging, the electrolyte may leak from inside the cells if there are cracks, and this can cause a short-circuit and overheating, leading to the deformation of the battery packs. Sony's investigations show that the occurrence of this overheating will be very small in number.

Based on this analysis, Sony has prepared a notice of recall as well as an inquiry-response system to deal with the issue. We have also reported the recall to the relevant industry associations, including MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry).

In Japan, Sony will put a public notice on Sony's Web page from February 29, as well as in various Japanese newspapers, beginning March 1. Sony will respond to any customer inquiries at the following 24-hour, toll-free number in Japan, and exchange subject battery packs for new ones free of charge.

Sony InfoLithium Battery Pack (ILB) Call Center
0120-556-355 (24 hours a day)
Sony's Web Page:
URL:// (Available from PM3:00 on February 29)

Sony Corporation sincerely regrets this situation and the trouble we have caused our customers. We will make the utmost effort to complete the recall in a quick and timely manner, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.